The Therapeutic Power of Gardening | Nature, Joy and Human Becoming

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The Therapeutic Power of Gardening
August 17, 2020
The New Yorker

Wiltshire Garden, Tom Stuart-Smith

“A garden, Stuart-Smith suggests, can be a Winnicottian “in-between” space that allows the inner and the outer worlds to coexist simultaneously—“a meeting place for our innermost, dream-infused selves and the real physical world.” The meditative and repetitive aspects of gardening can function as a form of play for grownups who have otherwise stopped playing…”


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Nature, Joy and Human Becoming
August 27, 2020
On Being

Wiltshire Garden, Tom Stuart-Smith

“500 generations of what we call civilization and the 50,000 generations when we were part of nature, and your argument is that that is “where we evolved; where we became what we are, where we learned to feel and react,” “where the human imagination formed,” “where we found our metaphors and similes.”