At CJM::LA, we believe strongly in the ability of design to change the conversation.  Design by its very nature is a changing, evolving entity.  It requires new insight and fresh ideas to continue to move forward.  We work to design both private and public spaces in a way that pushes the boundary of the expected, that pushes us to engage with each other and society in a new, meaningful way.  Our projects seek to incite a dialogue between people and their surroundings, each other, and the community.  As a creative team, we provide innovative spaces for living, creating and interacting.


As Landscape Architects, it is our responsibility to design with a consciousness towards the environmental, economic and social sustainability of our communities.  At CJM::LA, the concepts behind sustainability are what drive our design decisions.  We believe that sustainable design is smart design.  We engage in a collaborative approach with our clients and project teams in order to select sustainable practices that are appropriate to each project, both economically and environmentally.  The end result are responsibly-designed, efficient, marketable properties.  Properties with permanence and style.


As trends emerge and fall away, styles and aesthetics evolve.  In Santa Barbara, there is a strong traditional style which defines the built environment within our community.  At CJM::LA, we work within the themes of contemporary culture while also maintaining a firm grasp on the timelessness of traditional design sensibilities.  We respond closely to site context to create a meaningful style and a design language that helps to define each space; that is specific to each property.