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On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 Courtney will be awarded the prestigious Lockwood de Forest award at the Santa Barbara City Council meeting.  Presented by the City’s Historic Landmark’s Commission, this award recognizes exemplary landscape design for the El Encanto property on the riviera.  Courtney worked alongside Katie O’Reilly Rogers to restore the gardens to their original 1930’s-era splendor.  Congratulations, Courtney!


Some of our favorite local artists will be showing their work at the Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art this Saturday, January 24, 2015.  Come out and support forward-thinking art in our community!  For more info, click here.






At CJM::LA, we believe strongly in the ability of design to change the conversation. Design by its very nature is a changing, evolving entity. It requires new insight and fresh ideas to continue to move forward. We work to design both private and public spaces in a way that pushes the boundary of the expected, that pushes us to engage with each other and society in a new, meaningful way. Our projects seek to incite a dialogue between people and their surroundings, each other, and the community. Whether it is something as small as a paving detail or as large as a community plaza; we pride ourselves in the opportunity to provide innovative spaces for living, creating and interacting.


As Landscape Architects, it is our responsibility to design with a consciousness towards the environmental, economic and social sustainability of our communities. At CJM::LA, the concepts behind sustainability are what drive our design decisions. We believe that sustainable design is smart design. We engage in a collaborative approach with our clients and project teams in order to select sustainable practices that are appropriate to each project, both economically and environmentally. The end result are responsibly-designed, efficient, marketable properties. Properties with permanence and style.


As trends emerge and fall away, styles and aesthetics evolve. In Santa Barbara, there is a strong traditional style inherent in our surroundings which has defined the built environment within our community. At CJM::LA, we work within the themes of contemporary culture while also maintaining a firm grasp on the timelessness of traditional design sensibilities. We respond closely to site context to create a meaningful style and a design language that helps to define each space; that is specific to each property. We have successfully executed projects within the traditional, eclectic, contemporary and modern styles and look forward to further developing our portfolio.

9/11 Memorial: The Other Half

Saundra Marcel

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9/11 Memorial: The Other Half
May 23, 2013
Design Bureau

Photos by Alan Ward; courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture
Photos by Alan Ward; courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture

There’s been a grand opening, and more than six million visitors have visited, but the 9/11 Memorial site in lower Manhattan is still very much a work in progress. Landscape architect Peter Walker, co-designer of the project, estimates that after 10 years on the job, his vision is only halfway realized. More acres of the plaza need to be built and that can’t happen until the underground museum and train station are finished, as well as the surrounding streets.

Despite being unfinished, the memorial is open, and people have been coming from all over the world to pay their respects. Crowds are hustled through the maze-like barriers of this construction site before reaching its heart: the solemn memorial of two meaningful voids in the ground. Eventually, though, the experience will be completely different.

The finished product will be a memorial plus an open public space. Eight carefully planned acres that will ultimately be a contemplative and restful place, transformed by a lush forest of more than 400 swamp white oak trees. It will be one of the most sustainable plazas ever constructed. This part of the project will conclude years from now, quietly and without as much pomp and fanfare. But for generations to come, this park will ultimately be an important and reverent part of the experience.